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Nyaya Health Nepal (NHN) team of approximately 206 staff provides 99,941 facility visits, 563 surgeries, and 110,274 home visits each year. 2020, was a challenging year for Nyaya Health Nepal (NHN) to adjust with the challenges Covid-19 brought globally.  However, NHN’s responded effectively to the existing model and provide an access to health care to the target communities.

The program delivers integrated healthcare through the hospitals, households, and uses it digital platform to integrate both services. Through this model, NHN has been able to attain Nepal’s sustainable Development Goals (2030).

NHN mainly focus on three components of municipal integrated health care model, identifying the need of local communities:



  • Hospital based health care service

  • Community based health care service

  • Digital health care service




NHN is collaborating with Federal and Local Level Government of Achham district to reduce risk of infection and provide care as needed to COVID patients. Recently, NHN is seeing an increasing number of patients with fever and respiratory issues in the second wave and the number of cases with positive COIVD antigen tests is raising. Hospitals and health centers are struggling to cope with the overwhelming number of new cases, with hospital beds, essential drugs and oxygen running out.

 As such, NHN is overcoming potential challenges by ensuring below;

  • Increase no of testing, isolation and primary treatment facilities

  • Running live dashboard at NepalEHR to monitor COVID numbers

  • Continuing OPD service, ANC services and Surgical services

  • Promoting preventive measures and general protective measures through CHW’s at community

We are doing all we can to ensure equitable access to provide quality healthcare by charging no fees, even during the fight against Covid-19. During Covid19 crisis our hospitals have been providing regular services in addition to screening, testing, and medical care to the patients. To succeed, we need your financial support, therefore we would like to make a fund-raising appeal to provide lifesaving assistance for NHN as the country battles a devastating second wave of Covid-19. The outbreak is almost double the size of the first wave, and the virus is spreading much faster.

NHN medical team and community health team are on the ground, working hard to deliver urgently needed medical and critical care. But we urgently need help to do more.

Donations to the appeal will:

  1. Increase testing and provide isolation and safe treatment

  2. Deliver urgently needed medical equipment including PPE and
    hygiene supplies Medical supplies

NHN Impact


Through our integrated health care services, we are continuing to improve health of the needy communities in Achham. Since our operation, NHN has seen more than 1 million visits through its hospital based services and more than 500,000 home visits are made by community health workers in the catchment area. In the area of maternal and child health, Institutional birth rate has been increased to >95 and hence has already met SGD’s goal. The health status of the children under 2 years has been significantly improved as our community health worker visited the children every months and provided guidance and care and made timely referral to health facility to manage childhood diseases. Bayalpata hospital serves as a center for best medical and surgical practices as we have well trained physicians, orthopedic surgeon and health workers committed to put the patients first.  

covid photo.jpg

After the second wave of COVID 19 cases our medical team at Bayalpata Hospital have already changed the method of our hospital care delivery process. We are now running, Fever OPD, Refill clinic for Chronic disease patients, ANC services for pregnant women, and Emergency Unit services only. We have created a COVID response team (CRT) from within the medical team to take care of patients we keep in our temporary isolation space which can hold around 10 patients at the moment. We are requesting the patient to utilize the local health delivery units before being presented at Bayalpata Hospital.

Hospital Based Care

In response to COVID- 19, in last year and this year, Nyaya Health Nepal has followed and adopted national and international guidelines to continue and strengthen our program. Community health workers provided care to underserved community of 6 municipalities in Achham through phone call when the infected cases increased in the community. In addition to providing community based health care to women at reproductive age, pregnant mothers, postpartum mothers, newly born children and children under 2 years old, mental health patients and chronic disease patients during COVID-19 situation they counseled and referred people in the community to get tested and get the medical help. Our community health nurses continued to provide USG and blood test services for pregnant mothers despite many challenges in the community as such lack of PPEs.

Community Health Program

Data of patients NHN served - April 2020 to March 2021;






Appeal Budget:

We are putting all our efforts in saving lives and reducing any collateral damage during Covid19 waves. We have also secured a significant commitment for our operating expense from the government of Nepal. The Covid19 pandemic has affected our philanthropic revenue generation as well. Any support you can provide will help us save lives of underserved communities of far west, Nepal. Your support will be highly appreciated.

If you or anyone you know is in a position to help us with funding (no matter how small), please let us know. Please spread the word among organizations that can support NHN’s vital healthcare services for pre-existing and COVID-19 related needs in rural Nepal during this crisis.

Your support will save lives! And we will get through the IMPACT

Required funds for US $ 300,000

For more information, please write to:

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak - Nepal Updates
Total Samples Tested
Total Infected

In order to stay on top of this situation please do visit our website regularly and please, do what you can today to save lives. 


Thank you from all of us at Nyaya Health Nepal for being on our side at this time.

For information on how to support us, please write to:

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