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We provide free, quality healthcare for underserved communities in Nepal.

We work in two provinces: Achham, a remote district in Far West Province that experienced disinvestment during the decade-long civil war; and Dolakha, in Bagmati Province, one of the epicenters of the 2015 earthquakes. We work with local governments (Municipalities and Provinces) to design, build, test, and replicate integrated healthcare delivery systems across our Provinces in the hope that the models will be implemented throughout the country so that quality care reaches all of Nepal’s 30 million people. At present, our team of nearly 400 staff provides for: 150,000 facility visits, 8,000 surgeries, and over 125,000 home visits across a catchment area population of 230,000, each year.

Nyaya Health Nepal (NHN) exists to provide free, quality healthcare to underserved communities in Nepal with no user fee at the point of care while striving to develop and design a sustainable integrated model of healthcare that can ultimately be handed over to the government and implemented throughout the country.


The historical transition within Nepal that began in 2017 from a unitary to a decentralized, federal republic, where healthcare is largely owned and operated by the country’s 753 Municipalities, enables NHN undertake this strategic pivot. While resources primarily flow from the National and Provincial governments, Municipalities are now responsible for the primary healthcare needs of their constituents and have considerable autonomy to make budgetary and programmatic decisions around healthcare. 


NHN is building viable financial mechanisms for our existing hospitals and innovations. We are currently funded through a combination of philanthropy, multilateral and individual donors, and funding from different tiers of the government. The Provincial and Municipal governments provide support in form of medicines, medical and lab supplies, training and monetary support.  Another revenue opportunity includes the government health insurance scheme that is gradually being rolled out throughout the country. 

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