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Bayalpata Hospital “A Life Changer”

Sharada Bista, 45 years old female from Ward 8, Ramaroshan Rural Municipality, Achham is a single mother who have struggled the whole life for the livelihood of two sons. Her elder son works in India to support family and brother’s education. Sharada accidently slipped and fell from 100 meters’ height of the mountain while cutting grasses for her animals in nearby jungle around 12 pm in March 2021. Her neighbors found about her accident around 4 pm on the same day and brought her to Balyalpata Hospital for the treatment. It took 3 hours jeep ride to reach the hospital from the accidental spot. She was admitted, screened and her left femur was on deformity and swollen.

There were multiple injuries on her body – hand, head and femur fractures. An immediate operation of 7 to 8 hours was done to fix her femur with Sign Nailing Procedure (a specially designed metal rod is inserted into the canal of the femur. The rod passes across the fracture to keep it in position). Although there were no complications post-surgery, team followed up regularly to ensure her health conditions. She is very happy with the care and treatment she received from the hospital in free of cost.

“I was very injured. I did not have enough money for medical treatment and believed that I would not recover from injury or die. Bayalpata Hospital changed my life and I am recovering. I do not have to pay anything for my treatment here. I got the best care and treatment from the doctor and the nurses. I am confident that I will be perfect soon and start to work for my family need.” – Sharada Bista.

"If Sharada wasn’t brought at Bayalpata hospital, then she would have to pay from 1- 150 lakhs for the treatment which was impossible to afford by her family. Not only Sharada, many people of Achham couldn’t afford the cost for such treatment as it is expensive. She is recovering and will be back to normal after few months." – Dr. Mandeep Pathak, Medical & Surgical Director


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