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COVID-19 second wave hit and successful amputation surgery at Bayalpata Hospital

Dil Bhul, 47-year-old man from Doti district came to Bayalpata hospital to treat the infection on his leg. He was in a pain and there was discharge all over the leg. At the same time, he also experienced the breathing problem and fever. As per his symptoms, medical team first collected his sample for COVID test and was tested positive. Despite of the challenges life-saving emergency surgery on a COVID positive patient was carried out at Bayalpata Hospital. A holistic evaluation was done by the team for Dil Bhul so that the life-threatening condition was diagnosed, and treated timely.

"It was a very critical case. We were worrying about his leg but didn't expect that he will have COVID infection as well. We didn't think that doctor will do his operation as he was a COVID patient. But had a successful operation by the team for free. We are very grateful to Bayalpata hospital. We received much better care than what we have heard about it. I hope he will recover from COVID, his leg will be fine and he will be discharge soon." – Dil’s Wife

"We did successful operation to Dil who had gangrene of foot due to diabetes and was in sepsis. We performed amputation at makeshift OT and the team used the recommended protective gear and followed all recommended safety precautions despite of COVID." - Medical and Surgical Director, Dr. Mandeep Pathak.


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