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Nita’s battle with COVID- 19 – “I touched death but am lucky Bayalpata team saved me”

Nita Bhul of Sanfebagar Municipality-2, Achham got health problem on April 9. She had high fever with a headache. Her husband Surat Bhul discussed with a pharmacist and bought in Sanfebagar Bazaar. The medicine worked for some time but she experienced breathing problem, she could not even stand properly. Later, Surat was very scared and took her to Bayalpata Hospital immediately when he saw his wife's health suddenly deteriorating. He was praying to god, "Oh God, I don’t want my wife to catch COVID, please save her. "Her symptoms was very similar to COVID. Her oxygen level was below 80 and she tested COVID positive.

Her treatment started under the direct supervision of Dr. Biplav Shrestha. Medical and Surgical Director, Dr. Mandeep Pathak says, " Although the health was gradually improving after the treatment process was carried out, the amount of oxygen in the body was going up and down. We have been informing Nita that she is recovering and improving, there was nothing to worry about. The amount of oxygen in the body was gradually increasing."

Nita was discharged from hospital after fully recovery from COVID. The couple was very happy at the time of returning home. Surat shares," My wife has got a second life. Bayalpata Hospital has been a gift for us. Thanks to the medical team of Bayalpata Hospital for the services they have provided to us."

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