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“Thanks to health workers of Bayalpata Hospital, I won COVID battle”

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Harka Saud, 34-year-old man from Mellekh, Achham is a migrant worker who has returned from India recently. He visited Bayalpata Hospital after having a fever and a breathing problem. As per his symptoms, medical team first collected his sample for COVID test and was tested positive. He was hospitalized, special care and a counseling on COVID-19 was given by hospital counselors to provide him a care and increase his self-confidence.

Harka, “I was very worried and hopeless about my life when I was tested COVID positive. I felt that I would lose my life and family due to COVID. I was well treated and encouraged by the medical team of Bayalpata Hospital as a result am fine and returning back to home and family, I would like to thank and salute Bayalpata Hospital team for all what they have done to save my life."

Doctor Biplav Shrestha, "Harka Ji's health condition was serious when he was brought at Bayalpata hospital by his family. His oxygen level was just 71 and he had COVID Pneumonia. After all care and treatment, he recovered quick and discharged."

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